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Wrap Falafel Hummus
Wrap Falafel Hummus

Wrap Falafel Hummus

Take a delicious Wrap Falafel Hummus. This wrap is filled with spicy falafel , creamy hummus, bell pepper bits and cabbage slices . 100% meat-free and full of proteins. For a day full of energy!

Falafel, made from chickpeas and bean paste, is an excellent meat substitute, suitable for vegetarians. This favorite from the Middle East has gained considerable popularity all over the world in the last years. The healthy substitute for meat is popular with both vegetarians and meat eaters and is ideally suited for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Combined with the originally Lebanese hummus sauce made from sesame paste, also known as tahin, cooked chickpeas and delicious herbs, these two main ingredients form a good basis for a deliciously filled wrap. The fresh cabbage and pepper bell on a soft spinach tortilla make the wrap complete. The QiZiNi Wrap Falafel Hummus is a sensation for your taste buds. No preparation needed.  This wrap is ready to bite. As easy as that

The filling of the QiZiNi Wrap Falafel  Hummus consists of:

  • Spicy falafel
  • Creamy hummus
  • Fresh bell pepper bits and cabbage slices


You can eat your Wrap Falafel Hummus for breakfast or lunch or eat it as a snack if you need to curb hunger.  Combine the wrap with a fresh salad and you have a delicious dinner!  On our inspiration page you will find many tasty salad recipes . Not only will a wrap combined with a salad contribute to a delicious evening meal, but also to your healthy lifestyle – and keep you energized throughout the evening. Important when leading a busy life like yours!


QiZiNi has multiple wraps that you can choose from. The Wrap Spicy Chicken, for example, with spicy bits of chicken, vegetables and piri-piri sauce. Do you like Indian cuisine? Then you will definitely like the Wrap Chicken Tandoori . This wrap variant is also spicy, but has a very different flavor than the Wrap Spicy Chicken. Taste them all and choose your favorite!