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Sandwich Spicy Chicken
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Sandwich Spicy Chicken

We mixed fresh mayonnaise with pieces of grilled bell pepper and combined it with chicken marinated in spicy curry.  The sandwich with spicy filling on the  deliciously bell pepper -flavoured bread will give a boost to your taste buds! Take this tasty spicy sandwich if you can use some extra energy! Perfect for breakfast or lunch.

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Do you like it spicy or you prefer food with a milder flavor? At QiZiNi we have your sandwich! While the Spicy Chicken  Sandwich is known for its rich spicy flavor, you can also choose less spicy sandwiches such as Sandwich Meatball or Sandwich Old Beemster CheeseClick here for a complete overview of QiZiNi sandwiches. At QiZiNi we have enough variety for you!