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Dutch Beemster Cheese Sandwich
qizini old beemster cheese

Dutch Beemster Cheese Sandwich

Do you like aged cheese? Than you should try our finger-licking good Old Beemster Cheese Sandwich! The Old Beemster Cheese is made of meadow milk which comes from cows that graze at least 6 hours a day, 120 days a year outside in the meadows. You can taste the rich flavor of the meadow milk which is the key ingredient of the Old Beemster cheese in our Dutch Beemster Cheese Sandwich. Try it! We have combined the Old Beemster Cheese with brown sourdough bread, fresh cabbage and a tasty honey-mustard dressing to create a real treat for your taste buds.

All sandwiches are handmade which allows us to meet our strict quality demands. To keep your sandwich fresh and tasty for as long as possible we pack it in a specially developed hermetically sealed packaging.


Take a QiZiNi sandwich with you on a picnic or serve it in small slices on a plate during a party. Create festive finger snacks that taste good and look amazing. Preparing finger snacks is a piece of cake..eeehhmm sandwich!

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