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Sandwich Chicken Curry
chicken curry panini

Sandwich Chicken Curry

Hungry? Take a Chicken Curry Sandwich? With pieces of roasted chicken, grilled red bell pepper and a spicy chicken curry salad you have ingredients for a tasty sandwich. Put all this on an authentically baked sourdough bread and you have a delicious one! Have the Chicken Curry Sandwich to still your hunger in the morning, in the afternoon or somewhere in-between.

Try them all

All QiZiNi sandwiches are hand-crafted. Handmade Happiness we call that. If you like it spicy, try the Spicy Chicken Sandwich and the Roasted Chicken Sandwich. Don’t like spicy food or chicken? Take then the Ham Cheese Egg Sandwich or choose a vegetarian option, such as the Old Beemster Cheese Sandwich. Warning: Whichever you choose, they are all finger-licking good!