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Panini Prosciutto

Panini Prosciutto

At QiZiNi we like to let you enjoy delicious flavor combinations and tasty food products. The Panini Prosciutto is also such a winner. The combination of ham, Gouda cheese, tomato tapenade and Italian herbs provides a delicious taste. The crispy panini finishes it off. QiZiNi has made the Panini Prosciutto Ready to Heat. So, you can slide it straight into the oven and a little later you have a delicious panini. Enjoy it!

The Panini Prosciutto is filled with:

  • Tasty ham
  • Tasty Gouda cheese
  • Italian spiced tomato tapenade


For a hearty breakfast, a Panini Prosciutto is a tasty start to your day. The ham and cheese provide enough energy to withstand it for quite some time. The Panini Prosciutto is also a delicious idea for lunch or a snack. You can even serve this panini as a snack, for example when you have a visitor. Heat the panini in the oven for 15 minutes, cut it into smaller pieces and present it on a nice platter. You and your guests will certainly appreciate this tasty snack!


Have you ever tasted all our paninis? We hand topped them with delicious Italian flavors. How about the Panini Pepperoni with spicy salami and tomato tapenade, for example? Or opt for the Panini Pollo Pesto with chicken slices, grated cheese and green pesto cream cheese. You will never get bored with QiZiNi paninis.