Qizini - The Friendly Food Company

QiZiNi’s history

QiZiNi was christened shortly upon the merger of two companies in late 2010 – the former ‘Johma Sandwiches, and ‘Greencore Netherlands’ became: ‘QiZiNi, the friendly food company’ on January 17, 2011. The first products under the new brand name QiZiNi left the factory in 2012.

The factory in Liessel (NL) was sold in 2013 and QiZiNi could now totally focus on making the very best sandwiches.

Natsu Food bought into and became the new owner of QiZiNi in August 2015. Natsu is market leader in ultra-fresh and frozen sushi in the central European market and also supplies a range of other ultra-fresh convenience products like wraps, sandwiches, ‘superfood’ salads and fresh soups. Natsu is a family held, German company, run by two brothers.