Qizini - The Friendly Food Company

Sustainability & QiZiNi

Since its establishment in 2011, QiZiNi decided that sustainability be one of the most important pillars in our strategy. We work closely with our suppliers every day to reduce the amount of additives.

All QiZiNi products should be tasty and produced sustainably. We check our ingredients for sustainable origin. During manufacturing we aim to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. The cardboard packaging used is FSC-certified. We continually experiment with recycled materials to find the best solutions and our goal is that, through time, one third of our ingredients be retrieved from durable sources.

For all our QiZiNi products we only use durable palm oil, natural matured cheese and, our products are free from artificial colouring and flavouring. When additives prove necessary, we use only natural additives. ‘Filet Americain’ on a sandwich for instance, is loved by the Dutch and consists of raw meat. This product would not last longer than 24 hours without the use of additives. In cases like this, we choose to make use of natural additives.

Still fresh, food leftovers are donated to charity or recycled.

And, last but not least, we aim to create a healthy working environment for our employees.

Take a bite from our QiZiNi products and enjoy our sustainable taste!